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Self Reliance and Development (SRD) Konkokyo Center is located at 2133 Rodriguez St., Balut, Tondo, Manila (near the former Smokey Mountain), Philippines. Balut Area is composed of 23 barangays, 8 of which is depressed. SRD Konkokyo occupying a prime spot in the community is accessible through any kind of transportation and very near to hospital, health center, churches and barangay hall.

The former Smokey Mountain, now called Paradise Heights, located at Balut, Tondo, Manila, is a densely populated community of about 4,000 low-income families. Originally a dumpsite to approximately one third of Metro Manila waste, it now houses 28 five storey-building called Permanent Housing.

“Smokey Mountain”, though in some portions the former mountain of garbage has been replaced by complex buildings as housing projects, poverty still havocs the community due to lack of jobs and related issues. This is the inner city of inner city Manila, the place of the poorest of the poor in the entire country.

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June 2021


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